Why XC Rocks


There is something great about cross-country at the high school level. Both our daughters have participated and both have benefitted, though neither would self-select themselves as elite runners.

There is something wonderful about a competition that includes 65+ teams — like the one our youngest ran Saturday — from a variety of schools (public and private) and featuring runnings of all capabilities. Really great to experience!

Goodbye Darling… and Go Dawgs!


We drove to Athens on Monday to deposit Schuyler at UGA for her freshman year. We were warned, advised, counseled and even scolded that it is an emotional drop-off event and not to get emotional when we said goodbye. Good idea perhaps, but I do not think anything can adequately prepare a family for this time-honored, normal and natural — though gut-wrenching — deliberate separation from a way of life 18 years in the making.

Would You Like a Bonus Room with those Weights?

What began with a couple of dumbbells, an exercise mat and a Power 90 DVD has mushroomed into a small gym.  Only thing missing is the sticky-counter juice bar and the same-sex group showering (neither of which is remotely appetizing now).


Yoga blocks, Perfect Push-Up bars, medicine ball, dumbbells, weight bands and PowerBlock weight set

Yoga blocks, Perfect Push-Up bars, medicine ball, dumbbells, weight bands and PowerBlock weight set

Some days my wife must wonder what goes on up in our Bonus Room.  That is where I work out to my P90X or Insanity DVDs.  I also have a yoga mat which I use when torturing myself trying to duplicate a series of yoga routines (or asanas) on the P90X yoga dvd.

White Men Can’t Jump…

… and other plyometric truths.

The East Germans — back before the Berlin Wall came down — knew a thing or two about Olympic training.  Remember their women’s swim team in the 1976 Montreal Olympics?  I sure do, and many current NFL linebackers can only dream of shoulder and neck definition like those chlorine-soaked poolside beauties sported in the Games.  Let’s overlook the fact that many of those swimmers used chemical supplements to reach their goals…

In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning…

… and other weight loss musings.

My Fitbit Aria weight scale is pretty fancy.  It not only knows me when I step on it — can you make out my initials on the illuminated readout  in the photo? — but it also calculates my weight and Body Mass Index (% body fat) or BMI.  That’s the good news.


The bad news is that the scale takes no prisoners and is merciless when rendering its morning readouts — and then wirelessly transferring them to my computer where they are stored.  This is done so that I can see how much weight I’ve lost — or on bad days, can see how many pounds I haven’t shed and can peek at how very close I am to being considered “clinically obese.”  Terrific!