Why XC Rocks


There is something great about cross-country at the high school level. Both our daughters have participated and both have benefitted, though neither would self-select themselves as elite runners.

There is something wonderful about a competition that includes 65+ teams — like the one our youngest ran Saturday — from a variety of schools (public and private) and featuring runnings of all capabilities. Really great to experience!

If you want to see some of the best runners in the Carolinas, this is the sport for you, and if you want to see a sport with a true collegial feel, this is REALLY the sport for you. It is rewarding as a parent to see girls and boys of various levels compete firstly but also genuinely help each other fun faster and complete the race.

Our daughter finished in the middle of the pack, but there were almost 300 runners in her race. First race of the season and her time will improve. But she has earned the right to wear the school colors and represent. Good stuff!

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