In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning…

… and other weight loss musings.

My Fitbit Aria weight scale is pretty fancy.  It not only knows me when I step on it — can you make out my initials on the illuminated readout  in the photo? — but it also calculates my weight and Body Mass Index (% body fat) or BMI.  That’s the good news.


The bad news is that the scale takes no prisoners and is merciless when rendering its morning readouts — and then wirelessly transferring them to my computer where they are stored.  This is done so that I can see how much weight I’ve lost — or on bad days, can see how many pounds I haven’t shed and can peek at how very close I am to being considered “clinically obese.”  Terrific!

I can pretty much deal with the fluctuations with the weight readouts.  I’m 10-11 pounds away from where I think I want to be.  In this regard, the Aria is great but not flawless.  [For instance, I have stepped on the scale some mornings, noted my readouts and stepped off — and then stepped back on immediately and received different (though close) readouts.

The BMI part is the most troubling, because I wonder if I will ever get out of the danger zone without reprising Tom Hanks role in Castaway”.  BMI is a measurement of body fat based on height and weight.  I read in the March issue of Men’s Fitness that Michael Strahan — one of the greatest New York Giants ever! — currently has 8% body fat on his now-retired frame.  He wants to get it down to 5% this year.  Say what?!  I am 3x+ that right now and have a heavenly goal of reaching 17% body fat.

Boy do I have some work yet to do.


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