FatBoy takes on the Fitness Magazines and the Gym

My daughters from time to time call me, lovingly, FatBoy.  The name is oddly appealing (to me at least) and has gained some usage over the past couple of years.

I have noticed – maybe you have too – that fitness magazines for men target guys who are far younger than I am.  Maybe the marketers have figured that at middle age, you either already in shape and thus are in so-called “maintenance mode” or have given up the ghost on ever getting back in shape, so the money is in reaching the younger crowd.

I'm (not) the guy on the right!

I’m (not) the guy on the right!

Show me the fitness magazine that speaks to my demographic: 56, healthy for the most part (though overweight) and fairly athletic.  I don’t see them anywhere.  <!– more –>

Seems odd to me because we are all living longer and almost every day we read that we need to stay active and eat right as we age.  So where’s the love for those of us who aren’t 28 — or 35 — or 42 — or 49 any longer?  So as I began the quest to get healthier, I realized that fitness magazines would have limited appeal.

Another point of frustration: gyms and health clubs.  I admire what they do and how they help people attain results, but trekking to the gym at Oh-dark-hundred in order to beat Hank the Hulk or Suzy So Shapely to the desired cardio equipment or weights is for the birds.  Been there, done that and burned out pretty darn quickly.

So I realized I would have to find a good home-based workout regimen that would fit my schedule.  I was ready to try something new and so began watching infomercials early in the am (same time I would be heading to the gym) and on weekends.

What I found out: the variety of the programs is amazing!  There are lots of fitness program infomercials out there!  Could have been the day or the time I was in front of the TV, but one caught my eye: Power 90 with Tony Horton.  I liked the look of the workouts that combined cardio with strength routines and I really liked that the series had four phases included on two DVDs.  As for Tony, he seemed pleasant with a sense of humor.  He also wasn’t a shouter or over-muscled.  So I bought it and committed to try it.


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